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Welcome to W+D

We are a service provider for "knowledge management at the highest possible level".

The "highest possible level" can be objectively defined for each task. Working at this level requires seriousness by all of those involved, a real interest in knowledge and: impartiality. We work according to the principle "sine ira et studio" ("without anger and doubt") and as complete as necessary to clarify the respective questions.

What we do - and why

WHAT: We observe and document completely, create "secure knowledge" and make it available to clients. We present everything that was, is and could be constitutive for topics, processes, etc. in the future.

WHY: The present abundance of "information" is often misunderstood as "knowledge gain". This alone shows that the knowledge of criteria for evaluating information is not good. W+D GmbH performs the function of a pilot leading through dangerous terrain. Information always has an origin, originates from "existing or past circumstances, incidents, occurrences, relationships or conditions". Each "information" consists of more than the sensually perceptible "external facts". Why something happened is justified by the fact that "inner facts" had led to it. If the respective "motives and intentions of action" are not determined, a process - from our point of view - is not sufficiently documented. This can have fatal consequences, and this is something that others have already described many years ago - see the following sections "We Amuse ourselves to death" and "Bullshit".

So that no false impression is created: W+D GmbH is not "against" modern technologies. More than 30 years ago, we ourselves were involved in the development of such systems. From the approaches taken at that time, we have developed procedures that enable error-free analyses of even very complex processes. We use techniques and procedures for meaningful tasks, always rational.

This distinguishes us fundamentally from the vast majority of internet and social media users. We do not assume that "information" as such constitutes an "undeniable blessing","promotes happiness, freedom, peace, social well-being, justice". On the contrary, from our point of view, people today are as gullible as they were in the Middle Ages. We accept Neil Postman's assessment:"In the Middle Ages, people believed in the authority of religion with unshakable steadfastness. Today, with unshakable steadfastness, we believe in the authority of our science." (Postman, The Technopol, 1991).

"We amuse ourselves to death"

In his book "We Amuse ourselves to death / Formation of judgement in the age of the entertainment industry", Postman 1985 had already described that technical inventions (telegraphy) had raised "trivialities to the rank of news", forming "cycles of unconsciousness". An irrelevant opinion would comment on an other irrelevant opinion. Floods of "information" would led to "information chaos" and inevitably to the dulling of the people.

Today it is already history that the creation and maintenance of "cycles of unconsciousness" was and is one of the most successful business models worldwide! The inflationary spread of "social media" and the often uninhibited use of technical tools such as smartphones seems to have led many people to a total loss of communicative skills.


Anyone who has to deal with the Internet and "social media" on a professional level should familiarize themselves with concepts and discussions about "bullshit".

The book "Bullshit" by the American professor of philosophy Harry G. Frankfurt was published in 2005. He describes, among other things, "humbug","lies", differences between a "man who lies" and a "lying man". The proliferation of "bullshit" has deeper causes in "various forms of scepticism that denies us the possibility of reliable access to objective reality and claims that, in the end, we can't even see how things really are".

If something triggers "shit storms", sometimes tens of thousands of users of "social media" express themselves in a strange way, then such should be registered. Of course, it could be determined whether a certain "shit-storm" actually existed or whether its existence was a "Bullshit"construct.

What is much more serious and will have consequences for society as a whole is: "Bullshit" has become a or even "the" main design element of "science". Every day, several thousand studies appear in the field of "life sciences". Most people lack any kind