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"Bullshit"-production: a prospering business

Thousands of journals offer "bullshitters" the possibility to spread their secretions unfiltered. Some "publishers", which often consist of just a few people, publish hundreds of journals with fancy titles and additions such as "International","Global". Anyone who pays for it can publish. Practically speaking, this is (many times) fraud, the "publishers" are collecting money.

The situation is so dramatic that in December 2017 the "International Committee of Medical Journal Editors" ("ICMJE") issued a new version of its "Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholary Work in Medical Journals") and warned urgently against such "predatory" or "pseudo-journals". Researchers should avoid sending manuscripts to such "plundering" journals. Every scientist should review the integrity, history, practice and reputation of journals.

The fact that thousands of fraud journals exist is also due to the fact that there is an enormous need to advertise products and other things (also: procedures, ideologies) as "scientifically documented". Mentioning a "study" works like a magic word that opens doors to disseminators in the media. Fraud journals are also used to present alleged results of government and/or internationally funded research projects. State support is often used for projects that are not even "serious" in their approach, but are "politically desirable". Not infrequently, government clients even pay the fees that "pseudo-journals" charge for the publication of bullshit studies.

In our opinion,"Bullshitter" and its supporters are antisocial and damage the community / society. They do something that sincere people would never do, i. e. to proclaim what they do not believe to be true.

Lastly on the ICMJE and its new version of the recommendations: ICMJE has published a list of 3802 journals which declare by themselves they would follow the recommendations. This should, at best, be understood as a declaration of intent, not as proof, that it is not a fraudulent journal.

Example "Bullshit": A dog as publisher

May 2017: Dr. Olivia Doll has an impressive curriculum vitae. She is a Senior Lecturer at Subiaco College of Veterinary Medicine, has a doctorate in "rabbit studies" and a bachelor's degree in "animal studies". In addition, she is a member of seven international editorial boards of renowned scientific publications, including among others: "EC Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine", the "Journal of Tobacco Stimulated Diseases" and the "Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Disorders".

Truthfulness still requires to diclose: Dr. Olivia Doll is a dog, exactly: a five-year Statfordshireterrier owned by Professor Mike Daube from Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

When this text is drafted, January 13, 2018, i. e. almost 7 months after her "unmasking" as a dog, the supposed scientist is still considered to be an editor of two journals; screenshots:

Prof. Frankfurt would not be surprised. He had formulated "The bull shitter simply disregards the authority of the truth. That's why bullshit is a greater enemy of truth than lies."

[Translate to English:] Beispiel "Bullshit": Kampagnen gegen "Gentechnologie" und "Glyphosat"

In 1997, W+D GmbH published for the first time comprehensive information about the background of the "Gene Technology"-campaigns; the article was printed in "Deutsches Ärzteblatt".

Publisher of "Deutsches Ärzteblatt" are the "Bundesärztekammer" and the "Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung", so the magazine is comparable with JAMA.
Link to article: German Printversion

Translation of the REFEREBCES in the original 1997-wording: html, pdf

Remarkable: 20 years later the specific "gene technolgy-bullshit" is still going strong. And the same persons directing the campaigns can be found in same positions.



In the introduction to his book "Amusing Ourselves to Death. Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business" Postman compares visions of George Orwell ("1984") and Aldeous Huxley (novel:"Brave New World", published in 1932):

"Orwell warns of the suppression by an external power. In Huxley's vision, on the other hand, no big brother is needed to deprive people of their autonomy, insight and history. He reckoned with the possibility that people would begin to love their suppression and worship technologies that would destroy their ability to think."

W+D GmbH has compiled quotations from "Beautiful New World" in a "Photo Calendar 2018". The calendar can be downloaded here free of charge and used in the sense of "fair use". German  / English .


In addition to the (above briefly described) documentation "Campaigns against "Genetic Engineering" and "Glyphosate" you will find here: Documentary on Neil Postman and the American philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt and his publication "Bullshit" published in 2005 and historical treatises on professors.